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A New Name, A New Focus

This is the blog that used to be called "MATLAB Spoken Here." When we gave it that name, we were thinking it would be a good place for general content and announcements... sometimes about community, sometimes about product. But ultimately that aim was a little too generic and unfocused.

Today we are renaming this blog and giving it more focus on our MATLAB Central community areas. I'll be taking a more hands-on approach, with more frequent updates. There's a lot going on with our community these days, so I'll have no shortage of things to talk about, but we're particularly excited about the fact that MATLAB Central is 15 years old this year.

That means I've been working here a long time, because I remember the day we launched in the autumn of 2001. At that time, the community consisted of three applications: the File Exchange, the Newsgroup, and the programming contest, although really the contest was intermittent, happening only once every six months or so.

The community has always been one of the fastest-growing areas on our website, so fifteen years later it's grown into a remarkable constellation of personalities and services. I'm looking forward to talking to you about it.

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