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搜索结果: 2019

A Frightful Error 2

It’s late October. The nights are getting longer (for us North Americans, anyway), and vampire processes are sucking the life from your machine. Even a hard power cycle won’t banish the… 更多内容 >>

Who Named Moler’s Matrix? 2

One of the nice things about showing up early is getting things named after you.
See that bouncy gazelle over there? Let’s name it after the intrepid Joseph Thomson. That guy’s been back… 更多内容 >>

Beach Math Reading 4

There you are, sprawled on a poolside lounge chair in the afternoon heat as reggae music drifts by. Gentle splashing sounds mingle with the hum of the hot tub. A frozen margarita rests within easy… 更多内容 >>

Community Q&A – Owen Paul 1

Owen Paul is a MathWorks Student Ambassador who attends Florida State University.  Here is a Q&A with Owen.                                                               … 更多内容 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 18