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New Cody Contest Underway

Because of the amazing contributions from community members like you, Cody has lots and lots of interesting problems to solve. In fact, it has so many problems that it can start to feel like a jungle, vast and intimidating. How do I even begin? Where should I start?

One way that we have addressed this is by making problem groups. This lets you pick a topic that catches your eye. Maybe you see Basics on Cell Arrays and you think to yourself, “You know, self, I don’t really understand cell arrays. This could be just the thing to bring me up to speed and improve my MATLAB skills.” Now you have a handy, focused set of ten problems to work through rather than a tangle of 3800 unsorted problems. And by the end of it, you’ll have a new and useful skill.

But you’ve also told us that sorting problems into groups isn’t enough. How about some difficulty ratings so I know how much I’m biting off? If I’m relatively new to MATLAB, I don’t want to slam into the brick wall of a problem that’s impossibly hard for someone with my skills. We heard you, and so we recently introduced problem difficulty ratings. Whenever you successfully complete a problem, you’ll be asked to give it a quick rating. Over time, we’ll amass statistics on all of our problems, giving you one more tool to cheerfully navigate through the vast Cody forest.

This leads us to our most recent community event. We wanted to encourage people to rate problems, and we also wanted to do a fun event for Cody. So we created the Cody Contest 2020. Give it a try! It runs for the next three months. All you have to do is solve problems and rate them. Every time you rate a problem, you’ll get a virtual raffle ticket to win some fun MATLAB gear. Check out the leaderboard… maybe some of your friends are already ahead of you!


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