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And Now We Are 20 3

It’s been twenty years since we launched MATLAB Central. It's tempting to say that it’s been twenty years since we started the MATLAB online community. But of course that's not true! MATLAB Central... 더 읽어보기 >>

Lightning Talks at the Japan EXPO

I recently learned about something fun: customer lightning talks at the Japan MATLAB EXPO 2021. A lightning talk is a simple concept. It's just a very short talk, in this case, ten minutes long.... 더 읽어보기 >>

Update Heroes: Evergreen Contributions to the File Exchange 3

File Exchange developer Randy Souza (you've heard of Souza's Law, right?) was looking at some file updates coming through the other day, and he noticed something remarkable. Erik Johnson's arrow... 더 읽어보기 >>

On the Importance of Software to Research

This week's post is by Mike Croucher. Mike is a member of the Customer Success Engineering team in the UK, working with academics around the country on their teaching and computational research. Mike... 더 읽어보기 >>

Cody News: Test That Code Before You Submit It! 7

See this? This is so cool.

What you're looking at is the new Scratch Pad area for Cody. It will make playing Cody more efficient, less messy, and more pleasant all the way around. If you've never... 더 읽어보기 >>

Community Q&A – Akrem Hadji 2

Akrem Hadji is a top contributor to Cody.  Here is a Q&A I did with Akrem who is a Telecommunications Engineer in Tunisia.                       Thanks for agreeing to this... 더 읽어보기 >>

Live Editor in MATLAB Mobile

The Live Editor combines code, output, and formatted text in a single executable notebook. Last year, we introduced this notebook-y (notebook-esque?) goodness in the MATLAB Mobile app on your iPhone... 더 읽어보기 >>

Happy Valentines Day!

What to do? It's nearly February 14th, and what, oh what will you get your sweet one? Your very own osculating curve? The one who rounds you up every day? Who's always acute even when you're... 더 읽어보기 >>

MATLAB Drive and British Coal 8

The other day I received this email from my friend Jos. Very thoughtful of him! After a recent meeting, we were discussing the UK's notable decline in coal consumption. Jos had found some data... 더 읽어보기 >>

Virtual Workshops with Black Girls Code and MissionSAFE

Guest bloggers Ishaani, a MathWorks UX Specialist, and Vidya Gopalakrishnan, a MathWorks Senior Technical Writer, bring you this story of organization and outreach amidst the COVID-19... 더 읽어보기 >>

Posts 31 - 40 of 485

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