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MathWorks Is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2020

This is a guest post from Paul Pilotte, technical marketing manager for AI, data science and deep learning. We’re pleased to have been named a "Leader" by Gartner this year, with the furthest... 更多内容 >>

Activity Classification Demo

Every January, our company hosts an annual “kickoff”: an opportunity for sales, marketing and folks in customer facing roles to meet in Boston and learn about all the new and exciting features coming... 更多内容 >>

Looking back on 2019

Happy Holidays, and Happy (almost) New Year! This time of year, I like to look back and remember the things we accomplished in a year. I'll recap the main themes of the deep learning blog this year,... 更多内容 >>

Scene Classification Using Deep Learning

This is a post from Oge Marques, PhD and Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at FAU, and of course [MathWorks blog] famous for his post on image augmentation. He's back to talk about scene... 更多内容 >>

Deep Learning for Medical Imaging: Malaria Detection

This post is from Barath Narayanan, University of Dayton Research Institute. Dr. Barath Narayanan graduated with MS and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton... 更多内容 >>

Open AI Caribbean Data Science Challenge

The following post is from Neha Goel, Champion of student competitions and online data science competitions. She's here to promote a new Deep Learning challenge available to everyone. If you win, you... 更多内容 >>

What’s new in 19b: Deep Learning Examples

Not to be outdone by Heather with her latest features in MATLAB post, Shounak Mitra, Product Manager for Deep Learning Toolbox, offered to post about new deep learning examples. Enjoy! There are... 更多内容 >>

What’s New in 19b: MATLAB 3

This post is from Heather Gorr - MATLAB product marketing - here to talk about the new release of R2019b and new MATLAB functionality related to deep learning. You can get a high level overview of... 更多内容 >>

MATLAB wins Hackathon 2

This post is from Paola Jaramillo, Application Engineer from the Benelux office. Back in February, I attended a hackathon hosted by Itility: meeting for 3 hours to solve an image classification... 更多内容 >>

Data Augmentation for Image Classification Applications Using Deep Learning 1

This post is from Oge Marques, PhD and Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at FAU. Oge is an ACM Distinguished Speaker, book author, and 2019-20 AAAS Leshner Fellow. He also happens to be a... 更多内容 >>

Posts 71 - 80 of 118