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Small Fibs Eventually Become Large Fibs – Another exercise in scaling 6

OK, I had way too much fun writing that last blog post exploring algorithmic scaling. I want to explore this a bit more with a some "real" code, and what is more real than a function to calculate the... read more >>

Performance Review Criteria 3: Scales to the task 1

To scale or not to scale. That is the question. When talking about algorithmic complexity, the answer to said question is usually an important one. No matter what the constant factors are that affect your algorithm's speed, poor scaling performance severely limits the scope of the problems you can solve. How do you measure your code's runtime complexity? If you don't have a good method for this (or even if you do!) then once again the performance testing framework is on your side. I was amazed when I learned of this one weird trick to measure the complexity of my algorithms.... read more >>

Performance Review Criteria 2: Sticks to Solid Principles 2

We saw last time how we can use the performance testing framework to easily see the runtime differences between multiple competing algorithms. This can be done without needing to learn about the philosophies and guiding principles of the framework, indeed you don't even need to know that you are using a performance test framework or that the script you are writing is actually even considered a "test".... read more >>

Performance Review Criteria 1: Peer Comparison 4

Have you ever wondered how to compare the relative speed of two snippets of MATLAB code? Who am I kidding? Of course, we all have. I am just as sure that you already have a solution for this. I know... read more >>

Time for your Performance Review

There are so many cool features in 2016a. Live Scripts are huge. The App Designer is a game changer. The language and environment keeps moving ahead with many exciting features.Unfortunately I... read more >>

Dependency, Injected 5

Now that we have conquered inversion of control, we can explore a common application of the technique, dependency injection. Dependency injection utilizes the inversion of control to, with the aid of... read more >>

Invert Your Inner Control Freak! 4

Arvind's recent posts have had me thinking. While the spellchecker he outlines is really just for illustrative purposes, its actually an example that is great to show the power, ease of use, and... read more >>

Making code usable, useful and testable 7

Easy button with a product DVD

Writing MATLAB code is seductively easy. Polishing the functionality of algorithmic MATLAB code to make it usable, useful and testable requires a bit of design.... read more >>

Posts 11 - 18 of 18