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Type 15 Convex Pentagon

Like most computer graphics programmers, I've always been fascinated by the different types of regular tilings of the plane. There was recently some very big news (NPR, the Guardian) in the tiling... read more >>

Implicit Surface Intersections

Implicit Surface IntersectionsWe talked about implicit surfaces here back in March. Recently, there was an interesting question about them on MATLAB Answers.Dr. Vyas has a surface which is defined by... read more >>

Patch Work

Patch WorkBack before the internet, programmers collected xeroxed copies of old notes and papers. We traded these with our friends and coworkers, like samizdat. I still have a large filing cabinet... read more >>

Implicit Curves & Surfaces

Implicit Curves and SurfacesIn some earlier posts ( part1, part2) we explored how to draw parametric curves using MATLAB Graphics. Now lets turn our attention to implicit curves.We know that the... read more >>


PretriangulationAn interesting question went by on MATLAB Answers the other day. I've simplified it a bit here, but it looked something like this:rng(0) cla nfaces = 5000; nsides = 6; nframes =... read more >>

What is a Surface?

What is a Surface?What exactly is MATLAB doing when we say the following?surf(peaks)The answer seems obvious. We're telling MATLAB to draw a continuous surface through the points which are defined in... read more >>

Bézier Curves

Bézier Curves and Kronecker's Tensor ProductLast time we talked about Martin Newell's famous teapot. Today we're going to talk about the curves which the teapot is made of. These are known as... read more >>

Welcome. Can you stay for tea?

Welcome to our new blog. My name is Mike Garrity, and I work in the group which develops MATLAB's graphics system. In R2014b, we've released a new version which we've been working on for a while now.... read more >>

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