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Polygon Interpolation

I recently answered a question on MATLAB Answers about how patch interpolates color data. This is a question I get a lot because it's a bit more complicated than you might expect. Let's take a close look at what it can and can't do.... read more >>

Homogeneous Coordinates

In my recent posts about tiling polygons (link1, link2), you might have noticed that I used a rather unusual representation for my coordinates.... read more >>

Transparency in 3D

Transparency is a very useful feature when creating pictures in 3D. But there are a suprising number of things to think about when you're using transparency in 3D.... read more >>

GraphicsSmoothing and AlignVertexCenters

In R2014b we introduced a new property on the figure named GraphicsSmoothing. When this is set to on, all of the graphics drawn into that figure are drawn using a technique called Multisample antialiasing. This can really improve how the graphics look on a low res monitor.... read more >>


Today we're going to talk about the SortMethod property which was added to the Axes object in R2014b. It's actually been around for a long time, but it wasn't supported by all renderers, and it had the confusing name 'DrawMode'. We renamed it because it's a very important property and... read more >>