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YYAxis 4

Posted by Mike Garrity,

One of the features I love in R2016a is the new yyaxis function. This is a new way to create plots which have two independent Y's, like the older plotyy function. Let's take a look at how yyaxis works, and why I think it's cool.... read more >>

Signed Distance Fields 1

Posted by Mike Garrity,

Recently I heard from a MATLAB user who was trying to draw tubes along a curve using this blog post I wrote a while back. Unfortunately her curve was a bit more complex than the ones I used in that post. That approach of sweeping a 2D shape along a... read more >>

On the Grid

Posted by Mike Garrity,

One type of question that I'm often asked is about how to use various visualization techniques with what is sometimes called "scatter data". This is data that is a list of individual measurements. These measurements often have locations associated with them, but that's not enough for many visualization techniques. These... read more >>

Into the Mucube

Posted by Mike Garrity,

Last time, when I was talking about permutohedra, we saw how truncated octahedra fill 3D space with no gaps. There are a number of shapes with this property, and they have the lovely old family name convex uniform honeycomb. There's another interesting family that is related to the honeycombs. They're... read more >>

Tiling Hexagons and Other Permutohedra 2

Posted by Mike Garrity,

In earlier posts we've looked at tiling quadrilaterals and pentagons. So what about hexagons? I'm sure you've seen tilings of regular hexagons. They're popular in floor tiles and game tiles. Even bees know about this one. But there's one interesting feature of this tiling that you might not be familiar... read more >>

Polygon Interpolation

Posted by Mike Garrity,

I recently answered a question on MATLAB Answers about how patch interpolates color data. This is a question I get a lot because it's a bit more complicated than you might expect. Let's take a close look at what it can and can't do.... read more >>

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