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Object Creation Performance

Back in January, we looked at the performance of creating a graphics object with a lot of data. Today we're going to look at what is basically the opposite problem. What does the performance look like when we're creating a lot of graphics objects which each have a tiny amount... read more >>

Area Scaling

Last time we looked at how the performance of MATLAB's graphics system scales with the number of data points. Another interesting lens to look at performance scaling with is the way that performance scales with the number of pixels. This can actually show us a lot of interesting details of... read more >>

Performance Scaling

Graphics performance is a complex and interesting field. It's one my group has been spending a lot of our time working on, especially as we designed MATLAB's new graphics system. Because the new graphics system is multithreaded and splits work between the CPU and the graphics card, you usually need... read more >>

Making Things Move

After my post about using MATLAB Graphics from Simulink, Aditya had a great question about using this technique for 3D animations. This is a really interesting area, and I really wanted to use a 3D example for that post. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with one that was simple enough to fit into that blog post. But if you do decide to explore this area on your own, or even if you're doing 3D animations without Simulink, there are some tricks you should probably know about.... read more >>