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Interactive Graph Layout

I really like the new graph visualization functions that were introduced in R2015b. I particularly like the various options for laying out the graph so you can get a nice picture quickly and easily. But sometimes I like to be able to adjust the layout myself. The documentation for the... read more >>

Contour and Infinities

In a recent post, I talked about an interesting edge case in the contour function. Today I'd like to talk about another one. This is how contour handles infinities.... read more >>

On The Edge

In an earlier post, we discussed how the contour functions interpolate between values. Another important issue is how the contour functions deal with contour levels which are exactly the same as values in the input data. Some users are often surprised by what happens in this case because there are some subtle issues involved. Let's take a detailed look.... read more >>

Fill Between

One question I'm often asked is how to fill the area between two plotted curves. It is possible to do this, but it involves some details which aren't obvious, so let's walk through what's involved.... read more >>

Homogeneous Coordinates

In my recent posts about tiling polygons (link1, link2), you might have noticed that I used a rather unusual representation for my coordinates.... read more >>

What is a Contour?

Last year we explored how surfaces perform interpolation. Today we're going to take a look at some closely related functions; the contour family. The family of contour functions consists contour, contour3, and contourf and a couple of other minor ones.... read more >>

Tiling Quadrilaterals

Last time I was talking about the new pentagon tiling which was recently discovered. There are lots of other wonderful things to explore in how polygons tile the plane. One of my favorites involves quadrilaterals. They're much easier to tile than pentagons are. That's because the sum of their internal... read more >>

Type 15 Convex Pentagon

Like most computer graphics programmers, I've always been fascinated by the different types of regular tilings of the plane. There was recently some very big news (NPR, the Guardian) in the tiling world. Casey Mann, Jennifer McLoud, and David Von Derau have discovered a new convex pentagon that has a... read more >>

Transparency in 3D

Transparency is a very useful feature when creating pictures in 3D. But there are a suprising number of things to think about when you're using transparency in 3D.... read more >>