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Cell morphology article in Science magazine

The June 22, 2007 issue of Science magazine contains the article "Quantitative Morphological Signatures Define Local Signaling Networks Regulating Cell Morphology," by Chris Bakal, John Aach, George Church, and Norbert Perrimon. According to the abstract, the authors "have developed quantitate morphological profiling methods to systematically investigate the role of individual genes in the regulation of cell morphology in a fast, robust, and cost-efficient manner. [They] analyzed a compendium of quantitative morphological signatures and described the existence of local signaling networks that act to regulate cell protrusion, adhesion, and tension."

This article interested me because the Supporting Online Material contained much detail about how the authors used MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox, and Neural Network Toolbox to develop the software for the project. There's also a link to the authors' Cell Segmenter GUI, written using MATLAB.

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