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結果: Singular Values

Latent Semantic Indexing, SVD, and Zipf’s Law 5

Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI, uses the Singular Value Decomposition of a term-by-document matrix to represent the information in the documents in a manner that facilitates responding to queries and other information retrieval tasks. I set out to learn for myself how LSI is implemented. I am finding that it is harder than I thought.... 続きを読む >>

Quadruple Precision, 128-bit Floating Point Arithmetic 9

The floating point arithmetic format that occupies 128 bits of storage is known as binary128 or quadruple precision. This blog post describes an implementation of quadruple precision programmed entirely in the MATLAB language.... 続きを読む >>

“Half Precision” 16-bit Floating Point Arithmetic 5

The floating point arithmetic format that requires only 16 bits of storage is becoming increasingly popular. Also known as half precision or binary16, the format is useful when memory is a scarce resource.... 続きを読む >>

Four Fundamental Subspaces of Linear Algebra, Corrected

(Please replace the erroneous posting from yesterday, Nov. 28, with this corrected version.)... 続きを読む >>

Four Fundamental Subspaces of Linear Algebra 3

Here is a very short course in Linear Algebra. The Singular Value Decomposition provides a natural basis for Gil Strang's Four Fundamental Subspaces.... 続きを読む >>

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