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VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan 1

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan dore_frame This is a short post to point to a web site in the Netherlands, VAXBARN. The site proprietor, Camiel Vanderhoeven, is assembling a... read more >>

Mandelbrot Brings Season’s Greetings

Mandelbrot Brings Season's GreetingsMandelbrot sports a new red, green and gold colormap to celebrate the holidays. old_mandelbrot holiday_mandelbrot Available in Version 4.10 of Cleve's... read more >>

Explore Runge’s Polynomial Interpolation Phenomenon 6

As the degree of an interpolating polynomial increases, does the polynomial converge to the underlying function? The short answer is maybe. I want to describe a visual tool to help you investigate this question yourself.... read more >>

Penrose and Fourier Design Playing Cards 2

MathWorks is creating a deck of playing cards that will be offered as gifts at our trade show booths. The design of the cards is based on Penrose Tilings and plots of the Finite Fourier Transform Matrix.... read more >>

Revisiting the Game of Life

I am addicted. I keep coming back to John Conway's Game of Life. Years ago, I wrote a chapter about Life in Experiments with MATLAB. I wrote a three-part series about Life shortly after I started blogging. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I have recently made significant enhancements to my MATLAB program for Life. I never seem to finish the code because I get diverted by actually using the program to explore the Universe. I invite you to join me. But, fair warning, you might become addicted too.... read more >>

Teaching a Newcomer About Teaching Calculus to a Deep Learner 3

Two months ago I wrote a blog post about Teaching Calculus to a Deep Learner. We wrote the code for that post in one afternoon in the MathWorks booth at the SIAM Annual Meeting. Earlier that day, during his invited talk, MIT Professor Gil Strang had spontaneously wondered if it would possible to teach calculus to a deep learning computer program. None of us in the booth were experts in deep learning.... read more >>

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge

This week’s post is by Reece Teramoto.
MathWorks recently took over sponsorship of the Math Modeling Challenge, a contest for high school juniors and seniors in the U.S organized by SIAM – Society... read more >>

USA Traveling Salesman Tour 4

Find the optimum traveling salesman tour through the capitals of the 48 contiguous states in the USA.... read more >>

Graph Object of 48 USA States

Create a MATLAB® graph object from information about neighbors among the 48 contiguous states in the USA.... read more >>

Reviving Wilson’s Matrix 3

I probably first saw this matrix in 1960 in John Todd's class at Caltech. But I forgot about it until Tahar Loulou jogged my memory with a comment following my blog post in late May. It deserves a place in our gallery of interesting matrices.... read more >>

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