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Season’s Greetings

  Season's Greetings help greetings % greetings Seasonal holiday fractal. % greetings(phi) generates a seasonal holiday fractal that depends % upon the parameter phi. The default... read more >>

Post About 1976 SVD Film Is Available

h1 { font-size:18pt; } h2.titlebg { font-size:13pt; } h3 { color:#4A4F55; padding:0px; margin:5px 0px 5px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:11pt; font-weight:bold;... read more >>

1976 Matrix Singular Value Decomposition Film 2

This blog is about a film that I made in 1976. Here is the link to a digital copy on YouTube: read more >>

Magic Squares Meet Supercomputing

I have just returned from the huge Supercomputing 2012 conference in Salt Lake City. I can report on interesting reactions to some questions I posed in last week's blog and on some impressive speedup results when we ran the code in last week's blog on a parallel cluster in the Cloud.... read more >>

Magic Squares, Part 3, Linear Algebra 4

We know a little bit, but not much, about the linear algebraic properties of magic squares. ... read more >>

Magic Squares, Part 2, Algorithms

...

Magic Squares, Part 1, Low Order 1

With origins in centuries old recreational mathematics, magic squares demonstrate MATLAB array operations. ... read more >>

China Trip Report 4

I have just completed a wonderful trip, a two-week lecture tour of eight universities in five cities in China. I was accompanied on the trip by David Chen from the MathWorks office in Shanghai and Cecilia Liu from our Beijing office. We made a side trip to the Giant Panda Conservation Research Base, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, central China, where we had an opportunity to meet this fellow, who is not a MATLAB user.... read more >>

CHEBFUN, Snake 2

Chebfun revives a classic video game, with a few mathematical twists (literally)... read more >>


The ROOTS function in Chebfun is one of its most powerful features. This is the second part of my series on Chebfun. Part one is here. ... read more >>

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