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MATLAB Mobile: One Year Anniversary

One year ago today we introduced MATLAB Mobile, which enables you to execute the MATLAB language from the palm of your hand. On the Desktop blog, Mike and I covered MATLAB Mobile- describing how to apply the technology, access figures on your desktop, and share them with friends. Forget what the app used to look like? Here is a look at how the MATLAB Mobile Command Window has evolved in our releases.

Changes in the MATLAB Mobile Command Window
mm1.1_CW mm1.2_CW mm1.3_CW
Ver 1.1: Default Ver. 1.2: Added snapshots Ver. 1.3: Multiple snapshots

But as Mike mentioned in his 2011 New Year’s resolution, he wants to discuss MATLAB Mobile more extensively on his Desktop blog so you can expect to see more postings. For starters, next week we will talk in depth about version 1.3. Coming soon is also a major release of MATLAB Mobile! We have some exciting new features we want to share so stay tuned to this blog for details.

Download MATLAB Mobile

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