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MATLAB Mobile: One Year Anniversary 9

Posted by Daniel Sutoyo,

One year ago today we introduced MATLAB Mobile, which enables you to execute the MATLAB language from the palm of your hand. On the Desktop blog, Mike and I covered MATLAB Mobile- describing how to apply the technology, access figures on your desktop, and share them with friends. Forget what the app used to look like? Here is a look at how the MATLAB Mobile Command Window has evolved in our releases.

Changes in the MATLAB Mobile Command Window
mm1.1_CW mm1.2_CW mm1.3_CW
Ver 1.1: Default Ver. 1.2: Added snapshots Ver. 1.3: Multiple snapshots

But as Mike mentioned in his 2011 New Year’s resolution, he wants to discuss MATLAB Mobile more extensively on his Desktop blog so you can expect to see more postings. For starters, next week we will talk in depth about version 1.3. Coming soon is also a major release of MATLAB Mobile! We have some exciting new features we want to share so stay tuned to this blog for details.

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Daniel replied on : 2 of 9

Thanks Jolle! In regards to Android, unfortunately I do not have a timetable I can share yet.

Jim replied on : 4 of 9

I’d really like to see more emphasis on Matlab and less on Mobile – both in the blog and in the development of new or at least improved functionality.

I’m confident there are many users like myself who simply will never be able to utilize Matlab Mobile due to company policy and security issues (both real and perceived).

Mike replied on : 5 of 9


Thank you for your comments. I still plan on covering Desktop features. There are several new MATLAB R2011a features yet to cover, and I have a thinning but still viable mine of old features and desktop tips and tricks to cover.

But the fact is that MATLAB is an evolving product and as a company we have been investing in MATLAB Central and MATLAB Mobile to meet some of our new demands, and I think it is reasonable to talk about these products here.

Since I work on MATLAB Mobile, that topic my area of interest and expertise and therefore easiest for me to write about. However, I am not giving up covering the desktop anytime soon, and I will keep you in mind as I choose topics each week.

Also I hope in the near future we will be able to offer you a MATLAB Mobile experience that will be acceptable technology- or policy-wise.

Daniel replied on : 7 of 9


The development team is aware of the many requests for an Android app. At this time there is no definitive timetable.

Rickard replied on : 8 of 9

Are there ANY plans on making an Android version? EVER? I know that you are well aware that the demand is enormous, and has been for well over a year now, so why is there still no app for Android or even a set timetable?

This is not Sparta, this is madness!