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Blogs Improvements: Search with Categories and Print a Post

The new Categories and Print features appear at the bottom of blog posts.

Our latest update has two features that should be of interest to blog readers:

  1. Searching with Categories: Blog authors can tag their posts with Categories; keywords, or phrases that organize or describe a particular post. It’s a helpful tool for finding related content. Like a particular post? Just click the Category link at the bottom to find similar posts.
  2. Print a Post: Several blog readers requested this feature. Now you can easily print out posts by your favorite bloggers and read them when you’re off the grid. After spending all day staring into a monitor, there’s nothing better than being outside, reading a nicely formatted post on paper.Bliss.

We’re always looking to improve the blogs. Tell us what you think about these new features or let us know what we can do to make the blogs section better for you. While you’re thinking about all this, drop us a line in the Comments section below.


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