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The 2016 Simulink Student Challenge

I see that Guy has already mentioned this over on his blog, but it’s a cool community activity, so I want to call it out here too.

The Simulink Student Challenge is designed to reward cool projects created with Simulink in universities around the world. There’s so much great stuff out there, we’re just doing what we can to surface it so that everyone is aware of it. You can participate in the challenge in three easy steps.

Step 1. Be a student.
Step 2. Make a video of your project.
Step 3. Upload your video to YouTube with the magic hashtag #SimulinkChallenge2016.

Here’s my favorite entry from last year. Aleksey Ivanov, of Yuri Gagarin State Technical University in Saratov, took a gyroscope and hitched it up to Simulink. He effectively turns the gyroscope into a three-degree-of-freedom input device. Here’s his video.

Ivanov was motivated by the fact that people have a hard time understanding gyroscopes. This is his bid close the comprehension gap. These are the best kinds of projects. He wasn’t just fulfilling the requirements of some class. He was moved to build something to scratch an itch that he had.

What project will the 2016 competition bring? I’m looking forward to finding out. Just search YouTube for the hashtag #SimulinkChallenge2016 and you can watch the list grwo.

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