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Simulink Student Challenge 2016

Today we are having a quick post to highlight the 2016 edition of the Simulink Student Challenge

Simulink Student Challenge

You are a student and you are working on a project involving Simulink? Create a video describing your project and how you are using Simulink, and post it on youtube with the tag #SimulinkChallenge2016. You could win up to 1000$.

Past Editions Entries

Let's look at a few videos from past editions:

Vehicle Dynamic Controls for an electric race car


Simulating Human-Piloted Helicopters with Suspended Loads

Automatic flight in GPS denied areas

Control system to track and regulate the travel, pitch and elevation angle of the helicopter

Now it's your turn

Submit your entry to the 2016 Simulink Student Challenge before December 18th 2016 for a chance to win!

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