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Is It Just Me? Status Anxiety and the Application Status Page

Here’s you, getting stuff done: Click… click. Click-click. Type typey type. Click.

And then: Click… click, click… and wait.

There is a moment when you’re waiting for a slow web page to load. It’s hard to say exactly how many seconds have to pass, but it’s the moment when your brain veers from “This is taking a while” to “Something is wrong.” Then you start to ask the questions. Questions like: Where is the slowdown happening? Is it browser side or server side? Is it affecting everybody, or is it just me? Sometimes the answers to these questions are easy to work out, but sometimes it’s frustrating to track them down. In such a situation it can be useful to refer to status page

MathWorks has an Application Status page that you can refer to if you’re wondering why our pages aren’t loading. Here it is:

Good URL, eh? Easy to remember, anyway. This is what it looks like.

So if you hit some kind of outage and you’re wondering if the problem is on our side, take a look at the Status page. You may still be annoyed, but at least you’ll know what the score is.

We really should have a meta-status page that shows the status of this page, in case it goes down. Of course that might lead to an infinite regress of various meta-status pages, but that’s a story for another day.

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