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Deep Learning and Cody

I want to mention two exciting developments, one last week and one this week.

Last week, image processing blogger Steve Eddins took on the job of writing another blog, this one about deep learning (he’ll continue doing his other blog). We spent a while trying to decide what to call this new arrival, and eventually we decided the new blog about deep learning should be called… Deep Learning. Sometimes simplest is best. His first post, Jumping into the Deep End is up now. Give it a read and learn about how MATLAB can help you find your morning coffee. I would welcome Steve to the wonderful world of blogging, except for the fact that he’s already been at it for more than ten years… Congratulations Steve!

And this week, I’m happy to announce big improvements to our programming game Cody. If you go to the main page, you’ll find that we’re now emphasizing problem groups as a way to find interesting problems. The Groups page has 26 different challenge groups to choose from. Here’s a sample problem from the group Matrix Patterns I.

How would you make this 4-by-5 product matrix in MATLAB?

 P = [ 1  2  3  4  5
       2  4  6  8 10 
       3  6  9 12 15
       4  8 12 16 20 ]

What are you waiting for? Go go go!

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