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Community Q&A: Manu BN

Manu BN is the author of 14 files on File Exchange including some popular submissions.  Please enjoy this virtual interview with Manu BN

Thanks for agreeing to this interview.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I am Manu BN, 28 years old, from Bangalore, India. I work on Image Processing & Computer Vision as a Senior Image Processing Developer at Cocoslab Innovations which is also in Bangalore.  MATLAB is my most preferred computing language for my work.

In your research on Image Processing & Computer Vision, how do you use MATLAB and how does it make your job easier?

Let’s say I come up with a new concept to solve a problem in Image Processing. I would like to quickly validate it to check if it works or not. MATLAB has an outstanding toolbox to make the implementation quicker.

Tell me about something interesting you have done with MATLAB?

I have contributed the highest rated codes in the world to the Open Source Community. All those codes are written in MATLAB. The two papers which I published in IEEE are implemented using MATLAB.  Facial features monitoring for real time drowsiness detection is about detection drowsiness of a driver to prevent accidents.  Rain removal from still images using L0 gradient minimization technique is about removing rain while preserving the background details.

When did you first get exposed to MATLAB and Simulink?

I had used MATLAB earlier in my Engineering days. But an in depth use started in my first job, which was at an academic training institute.  I was looking at some benchmark codes to teach my students. That is when I started to use File Exchange.

Your most popular File on File Exchange is Plant Leaf Disease Detection Can you tell us about this File?

This is my favorite submission. Plant Leaf Disease Detection deals with a semi automatic approach to detect disease affected leaves and classify them into the type of disease.  The most awesome thing is I wrote it in just two days !!!

Why do you think this file is so popular?

Automatic crop disease detection using Machine Learning is the latest and the hottest research thing in AI based solutions. My code provides a detailed insight into it.

What do you think motivates people to download this file?

Academic researchers, students and industry researchers are all into AI based disease identification as manual observations can be tedious and prone to errors. So my code servers to provide an insight into it.

Can you also tell us about your Brain MRI Tumor Detection and Classification file?  What is this File, and what does it do?

When you have a large number of samples of brain tumors it becomes very difficult for a pathologist to examine each and every sample and classify them into the type of tumor. Hence a machine learning algorithm can be used to classify them.  The code provides an insight into how a machine learning algorithm can be used, what set of features to choose and how to measure the accuracies.

Not including your own submissions, What is your favorite submission on File Exchange?

MRI Brain Segmentation by Robert Bemis is one of the all time best submissions which inspired me to work on brain tumors. I seriously appreciate the efforts by the author.

What are the greatest benefits you get out of using MATLAB Central?

It’s all about learning, sharing knowledge and helping others to learn. In the long run it benefits everyone.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve come across on MATLAB Central?

A veteran named Image Analyst!!  He answers almost every single question with a lot of patience and care. It was Image Analyst who inspired me to contribute code to File Exchange.

Image Analyst has contributed a lot to MATLAB Answers.  He also participates on File Exchange like yourself.  When the time comes do you think you would try to participate on MATLAB Answers?  

Yes. I will. Hopefully I will become as knowledgeable as Mr. Image Analyst.

What’s one of your favorite non-software non-mathematical things to do?

I watch a lot of action movies in my free time.

What’s your favorite Action Movie?

Rambo: First Blood Part 2.  Stallone is my favorite childhood action hero and South East Asia is my most preferred travel destination.  This makes Rambo 2 which is shot in Vietnam my all time favorite movie.  I am of the strong opinion that 80s action flicks had a lot of innovative action, plot and limited CGI. Which sets them apart from the present day cheesy, CGI filled movies.

Did you see any Action movies this year?

Alien Covenant. An average alien action flick. I prefer Alien 2 (1986) . Like I always say 80s had much better movies than now.

Thank you to Manu BN for taking the time to participate in this Q&A Blog.

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