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Tapping the Community to Get Real Work Done 3

A few weeks ago I was approached by a reader, Mark, asking for algorithm advice. He had a simple, well-bounded, easily-verifiable problem: sort an array based on a certain combination of the values’ digits. This question was both interesting and easy enough for me, which made me think that this… read more >>

A Plug With Publish

I have been lax in giving shout-outs to our other blogs. This week I want to highlight a recent “File Exchange Pick of the Week” post. File Exchange Pick of the Week (or, POTW) is a weekly sister blog where Brett, Jiro, or their guests highlight something cool and interesting… read more >>

Have you taken the Cody Challenge? 7

It has been such a such a busy couple of weeks at MATLAB Central! Last week, we launched Trendy, a cool new service that you can use to to plot and track trends from data on public websites. You can read more about Trendy in last week’s post…. read more >>

MATLAB Answers for MATLAB questions 7

At the beginning of this year, when we launched MATLAB Answers, Garth and Doug blogged to tell the world about our latest addition to MATLAB Central. Since then, over 17,000 people have contributed and have accrued some MATLAB Answers “reputation”! There have been so many really great questions and answers… read more >>