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Have you taken the Cody Challenge? 7

Posted by Helen Chen,

It has been such a such a busy couple of weeks at MATLAB Central! Last week, we launched Trendy, a cool new service that you can use to to plot and track trends from data on public websites. You can read more about Trendy in last week’s post.

Welcome to Cody!

This past week, MATLAB Central launched Cody, an online MATLAB game that challenges your skills and helps you expand your knowledge about MATLAB programming.



When you come to Cody, you will find many different puzzles to try to solve. Browse through available problems from the Cody home page. Use the links on the left navigation bar to browse through Community-contributed puzzles or you can choose Cody Challenge puzzles. When you first join the Cody Challenge, you will start with 3 initial puzzles to solve. Once you have successfully solved these questions, three more questions will be unlocked for you. Note that Community-contributed puzzles are always unlocked so you can jump around and try different puzzles.

Accruing Cody points

You will receive 10 points the first time you submit a correct solution for any problem either Cody Challenge or Community-contributed. Once you have the hang of solving problems, make sure that you try submitting your own puzzle. Each time you do, you will receive 15 points.

Check out scores by going to the Player’s page. Or, check out your own Cody score and history by clicking on My Cody in the left navigation bar.


Get started!

Jumping in and joining the fun at Cody is easy. All you need is to log into MATLAB Central, create your Community Profile and just pick a question to try answering. It’s easy and it’s fun. Come get started and take the Cody Challenge!



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pmcs replied on : 1 of 7

Neat idea. A couple of points spring to mind:

1) It’s mildly irritating not being able to see the shortest solution if your is longer.

2) The graph of solution size versus arrival time is great but outliers tend to ruin the usefulness of the plot. A way to disregard ludicrously long solutions from the plot would help greatly with visualization; it should be relatively easy to add a control to the graph to help with this.

Queffurust replied on : 2 of 7


To answer the question of this blog, Yes I have taken both Cody and Trendy challenges ! What’s the next challenge ?!!

It is a lot of fun , thanks for these new features!


Helen Chen replied on : 3 of 7

@pmcs, Not being able to see the shortest solution for a puzzle is intended to encourage you to keep improving your own, but I know what you mean. We are looking at ways to improve the visualization so your feedback is quite timely!

@Aurélien, Ned and the team are hard at work coming up with new ideas, so stay tuned. It’s all fun! :-)


David Young replied on : 4 of 7

I’ve enjoyed doing some of the Cody problems, but I think it’s vital that eval, evalin and assignin are banned. Solutions that use these spoil the fun.

Helen Chen replied on : 5 of 7

@Dan, We have updated Cody to block use of assignin, builtin, eval, evalc and evalin. We have rescored all submissions that used any of these functions.


Bart Vandewoestyne replied on : 6 of 7

I have a small comment: in the ‘My Cody’ section, the ‘X problems liked’ and ‘X solutions liked’ are not links and thus not clickable. I think it could be interesting for a user to actually be ableo to click those and get an overview of the problems and solutions he liked, with also the possibility to unlike again.

Pacquiao vs Bradley replied on : 7 of 7

Pacquiao vs Bradley…

Have you taken the Cody Challenge? | Mike on the MATLAB Desktop…