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A New Rich Editor for MATLAB Answers

This post comes to us courtesy of David Wey. David leads the MathWorks Online Community group in our Natick office.
If you use MATLAB Answers, you may have wondered why you enter your question (or… read more >>

Challenge students with MATLAB practice on Cody

I’ve recently been talking with professors eager to use Cody in the classroom.  From these discussions, I’ve learned of seven great reasons to challenge your students with MATLAB practice problems in… read more >>

MATLAB Christmas Trees 1

While online doing some last minute shopping, I found some Christmas trees that were created using MATLAB.  I thought they are perfect to share with everyone in our community during this holiday… read more >>

Trendy now gets data hourly, desktop gadgets & more 1

Trendy is a MATLAB Central application that scrapes a time series dataset from website(s) you specify. Trendy uses this data to maintain a plot for you, which it updates automatically with each new… read more >>

MATLAB communities all around the world 2

Most regular readers of this blog are members of our MATLAB Central community. Here you can find great resources like MATLAB Answers, File Exchange, Cody and our MATLAB blogs to help you find answers… read more >>

Getting answers to your MATLAB questions 10

I was reviewing user questions the other day, comparing how users ask questions about MATLAB within different parts of our community. The areas that I looked at were:

MATLAB Answers
MATLAB page on…

How do you use MATLAB Answers?

In a little over a year and a half, the MATLAB Answers community has:

Grown to 20,000+ askers and answerers.
Posted tens of thousands of questions, answers and comments, with an average of 75 to 100… read more >>

Try this on Cody and Trendy 5

Hi, I’m Bob Levy and I’ve recently joined the MATLAB Central team as Product Manager. I’ll be writing here periodically to help keep you up-to-date on what’s new on MATLAB Central.
A product…

Learn about MATLAB Plots using Trendy 1

The other day I was looking at questions from our users on MATLAB Answers, the MATLAB Central and also on MATLAB’s Facebook page. I saw quite a few posts asking questions about ways to enhance… read more >>

Mastering MATLAB Markup

In my completely biased opinion, one of the most useful features in Cody, Trendy, and MATLAB Answers is the ability to use MATLAB Markup to format text. Formatted code blocks, embedded links, and… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 26