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MATLAB Startup Accelerator 2

Another new feature of MATLAB R2011b is the Startup Accelerator, which improves MATLAB startup time on Windows by caching important files that MATLAB needs to properly launch. This is done through a… 更多内容 >>

Command-Line Preferences 4

I received some criticism regarding my post about using shell command because it wasn’t very Desktop-y. The way I see it, the MATLAB Environment includes a broader picture of everything going… 更多内容 >>

Comparing Keyboard Shortcut Sets

This week I’d like to welcome back guest poster, Christina Roberts, to describe R2010a enhancements to Keyboard Shortcut customization.
We introduced the desktop keyboard shortcut manager in MATLAB… 更多内容 >>

The Preferences Directory 3

There are lots of ways a computer program can store user settings. In MATLAB we use a series of different files in a special per-release directory that is in a standard platform-specific place on... 更多内容 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 30