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Han Solo Revisited 13

A long time ago in a blog post far, far away… Andy wrote about Han Solo Encapsulation – to keep Jabba’s “system working as designed he needed to encapsulate his system behind... read more >>

You’ve Got Mail 7

Let’s send some emails!Imagine you write a function that sends an email to a customer. Your initial function call might look like this: ... read more >>

The Gift of Property Cheer 5

Well, it's that time of year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Winter Solstice, or you know.......Friday. You deserve the gift of a blog post. Here's a nugget of object oriented goodness in... read more >>

Properties of properties 8

A while ago we discussed a good reason to appreciate and use MATLAB's model for properties. It had to do with encapsulation if you remember, and we discussed how MATLAB's properties are inherently encapsulated, preventing the need to write a bunch of boiler plate setters and getters.... read more >>

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the olden times 1

You may have heard some buzz lately about how MATLAB Central is celebrating its quinceañera. Indeed the event is worth a fiery fiesta, and you should definitely check out all of the activities MATLAB Central is hosting to celebrate. There are games, prizes, and all sorts of shenanigans to procrastinate with. You only get one 15 year birthday, and we are trying to make it a good time.... read more >>

Encapsulated Sugar 7

Han Solo was a good guy. He was however unfortunate at times.... read more >>

Build a product, build a service 11

MATLAB, with its large collection of domain specific toolboxes, provides much more than a powerful environment for users to prototype algorithms. It offers the ability to build software products and services that scale gracefully from a single user/application to offering a service to an entire enterprise.... read more >>

Dependency, Injected 5

Now that we have conquered inversion of control, we can explore a common application of the technique, dependency injection. Dependency injection utilizes the inversion of control to, with the aid of... read more >>

Invert Your Inner Control Freak! 4

Arvind's recent posts have had me thinking. While the spellchecker he outlines is really just for illustrative purposes, its actually an example that is great to show the power, ease of use, and... read more >>

Making code usable, useful and testable 7

Easy button with a product DVD

Writing MATLAB code is seductively easy. Polishing the functionality of algorithmic MATLAB code to make it usable, useful and testable requires a bit of design.... read more >>

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