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Fifteen Years of MATLAB Central Memories!

Wow! It's been fifteen years since MATLAB Central was set up for the MATLAB community! What a crazy and wonderful time it's been.


The Art of MATLAB

The first blog to appear was Pick of the Week. As you may know, I have been writing my blog for a fairly long time - I started in December 2005. I chose to call it the Art of MATLAB because that expresses my feelings about programming. There are often many ways to say the same thing. It's an art to say what you want and say it well. I hope I've accomplished that most of the time.

I know I've messed up sometimes, and thankfully, with smart and generous readers as you are, I am able to reset the discussion.

Favorite Topics

Some of my favorite topics include ones where I try to think about things in many different ways. Or one new novel way at least. So I learn on Fourier transforms, Fibonacci numbers, finite elements, and some common topics. Sometimes it helps to turn a topic on its head. I recall one case where a function was taking a lot of time. And because of the nature of the problem, if I just inverted the logic (look for the negative), I could speed things up tremendously since I was then looking for far fewer elements.

MATLAB Central is More than Blogs

While I focus on my blog, I am well aware that MATLAB Central is much more than that. To me, the most obvious case in point is the File Exchange. What a great way to share code, find code to start a project, etc. In addition, of course, there is the Link Exchange, MATLAB Answers, portal to the Usenet newsgroup, Cody, and ThingSpeak. Have you explored all the areas?


Especially if you want to get up to speed on what's available on MATLAB Central, please check out our anniversary plans. There are a few celebratory activities to participate in, including a scavenger hunt (where you are encouraged to explore the site while solving a puzzle) and a triathlon.

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