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Tire Rotation 8

If only rotating tires were really this easy! After graduate school, I drove east for my post-doc at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In late winter, I noticed that my tires still had red dust on them from visiting national parks in Utah. So I took a picture ... read more >>

MATLAB User Group in Boston 4

I know there are a large number of experienced MATLAB users who read this blog. If you happen to live in the Boston area and are interested in joining some like-minded MATLAB users to meet with the MATLAB Language Development Team,... read more >>

Indexed Assignment 12

Recently some folks at The MathWorks wondered about the difference of behavior of variable creation versus assigning values into an existing array. I thought I'd address this topic live from The MathWorks Aerospace and Defense Conference '07. ... read more >>

MATLAB Tour Legs 1,2, and 3 2

I've just returned home from three weeks in Europe on the MATLAB World Tour where I visited Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland, accompanied by various colleagues. We met great staff from our local
offices in each place, and had a wonderful time meeting many of you. There's more of the tour... read more >>