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New MAT-File Functionality in R2011b 11

Posted by Loren Shure,

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Sarah Wait Zaranek who works for the MATLAB Marketing team here at The MathWorks. Sarah previously has written about speeding up code from a customer to get acceptable performance. She and I will be writing about the new capabilities ... read more >>

How for Works 18

Posted by Loren Shure,

Last week I touched on the difference between using 1:N and [1:N] as the expression in a for statement. I have gotten enough more questions recently on how for works in MATLAB that it seems time for its own post. ... read more >>

What Are You Really Measuring? 9

Posted by Loren Shure,

I had an interesting encounter with a colleague, Bob, last week. We were talking about timing some calculations and we realized that the written code was actually measuring something different. Here's a small cautionary tale along with a neat factoid ... read more >>