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Sharing and Running MATLAB Code in the Cloud 2

Table of ContentsLots of Code, Lots of Places Shared Files Code Reproducibility and Reuse Sites that Host MATLAB Interoperability with Other Languages Resources ConclusionsThere are lots of ways to... read more >>

Excess Mortality Analysis for the USA 4

Today's guest blogger is Jos Martin, from the Parallel Computing team at MathWorks. Whilst normally focussing on making parallel computing both easy and fast in MATLAB, occasionally he likes to use MATLAB to explore other problem spaces. Here, he writes about using some CDC provided datasets in MATLAB to analyse and visualize excess death statistics across the US.... read more >>

Tips for Moving your Lab-based Classes Online

Today's guest blogger, Div Tiwari, is a Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks. Div partners with universities to support faculty in achieving their goals for teaching and research. In this post, he discusses some approaches that educators have been adopting to teach lab-based courses remotely.... read more >>

Keep Teaching through Distance Learning 3

As many universities are moving quickly to distance learning, it is vital for educators to think carefully about how to adapt their approach to still deliver key learning outcomes for students in an online setting. Today’s guest blogger, Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy, is at the forefront supporting universities as they transition to distance learning. In his role as a Customer Success Engineer, he partners with educators to support them in achieving their goals for teaching and learning.... read more >>

Customer Blog, a Great Resource, Especially for Earth Sciences

Customer Blog, a Great Resource, Especially for Earth SciencesI recently started following a new blog by Martin Trauth, called MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences. Even if you are not an earth... read more >>

MATLAB Guide, a New Edition

MATLAB Guide, a New EditionDisclaimer: I read very few MATLAB books. I'm thinking you can guess why!I recently got a copy of the latest edition of this book, MATLAB Guide, Third Edition, by Desmond... read more >>

Reproducibility Musings – Hey, do that again! 3

Today I have a guest post from Lisa Kempler, MATLAB Community Strategist, MathWorks. Lisa works with MATLAB communities in domains such as geophysics, oceanography, audiology, and more, helping users developing MATLAB based tools, and creating resources for teaching and research with MATLAB. A primary goal is to have MATLAB users share their tools and best practices more widely within their communities, enhancing their use of MATLAB, and, in turn, accelerating their work. This blog talks about some efforts in research that support that sharing objective.... read more >>

Age is No Barrier to Exploring Ideas and Concepts in MATLAB and Simulink 5

I’d like to introduce you to this week’s guest blogger, Graham Dudgeon. Graham is with our Industry Marketing Team at MathWorks, and focuses on the Utilities & Energy Industry. In this blog, Graham shares a story about age being no barrier to exploring ideas and concepts in MATLAB and Simulink.... read more >>

The Role of Education on My Route to MathWorks 2

I used to both love and dread the thought of autumn - seeing friends after the summer, starting new classes, homework (ugh!). But the distressing part lessened over the years,... read more >>

Update on the Chebfun Project 4

A while ago, I wrote about the Chebfun Project. At the time, version 3 had recently come out. I recently visited Nick Trefethen and Nick Hale, part of the Chebfun team, and they showed me the latest... read more >>

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