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Benefits of Refactoring Code 9

Benefits of Refactoring CodeI have seen a lot of code in my life, including code from many different people written for many different purposes, and in many different "styles". These styles range... read more >>

Remove Unneeded feval Calls 2

Recently I read a post about speeding up functions on Yair's blog. I'll take this opportunity, using Release 2020a, to use the updated profiler to investigate performance, particularly for the function feval.... read more >>

Which Way to Compute: cellfun or for-loop? 9

Over a long number of years, people have asked whether it's better to use cellfun or a for-loop to perform certain computations. As with so many things in life, the correct answer here is "it depends". Let me give you a bit more insight so you can make good choices.... read more >>

How to Suppress Function Output 9

You may have noticed that we have some functions that return no output if none is requested, and yet some functions always return something, even if not asked. What's a good way to achieve this in MATLAB?... read more >>