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Results for: 2011

Ginger Plot Winner 2

If you've been following the comments from my recent post on chaotic maps, you know that there were several entries to the challenge of coming up with an interesting visualization. The entries are each interesting, displaying schemes, including an animation, and extra... read more >>

Pretty 2-Dimensional Chaotic Maps 14

Chaos theory has found uses across a broad set of scientific fields to explain some complicated observed behavior. In geophysics, my background, it can help explain the reversals of Earth's magnetic field, for example. Today I thought I'd share a... read more >>

Happy Halloween! 5

Today I’d like to introduce my guest bloggers Sarah Wait Zaranek and Jiro Doke. Sarah previously has written about speeding up code from a customer to get acceptable performance and Jiro has previously written about making presentation quality graphics and is a... read more >>

Simplifying Symbolic Results 4

I am pleased to introduce guest blogger Kai Gehrs. Kai is a developer for the Symbolic Math Toolbox. His main focus in this post is on special approaches to symbolic simplification and equation solving. ... read more >>