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Big Data in MAT Files

Today's guest blogger is Adam Filion, a Senior Product Manager at MathWorks. Adam helps manage and prioritize our development efforts in data science and big data.... read more >>

Deep Learning, MATLAB, and Science 2

I recently attended the annual AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting and, used the time at our booth to talk to many geoscientists about many different topics. One that emerged as a big interest stemming from unfamiliarity is deep learning.... read more >>

Visualizing Facebook Networks with MATLAB 4

When one of my guest bloggers, Toshi posted, Can We Predict a Breakup? Social Network Analysis with MATLAB, he got several questions about the new graph and network algorithms capabilities in MATLAB introduced in R2015b. He would like to do a follow-up post to address some of those questions.... read more >>

The Netflix Prize and Production Machine Learning Systems: An Insider Look 2

Do you watch movies on Netflix? Binge-watch TV series? Do you use their movie recommendations? Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, shares an interesting blog post he saw about how Netflix uses machine learning for movie recommendations.... read more >>

Scaling Market Basket Analysis with MapReduce

In an earlier post, today's guest blogger Toshi Takeuchi gave us an introduction to Market Basket Analysis. This week, he will discuss how to scale this technique using MapReduce to deal with larger data.... read more >>

Introduction to Market Basket Analysis 3

You probably heard about the "beer and diapers" story as the often quoted example of what data mining can achieve. It goes like this: some supermarket placed beer next to diapers and got more business because they mined their sales data and found that men often bought those two items together.... read more >>

Process “Big Data” in MATLAB with mapreduce 2

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Ken Atwell who works for the MATLAB Development team here at MathWorks. Today, Ken will be discussing with you the MapReduce programming technique now available in the R2014b release of MATLAB. MapReduce provides a way to process large amounts of file-based data on a single computer in MATLAB. For very large data sets, the same MATLAB code written using MapReduce can also be run on the "big data" platform, Hadoop®.... read more >>

Reading Big Data into MATLAB 8

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Sarah Wait Zaranek who works for the MATLAB Marketing team here at MathWorks. Sarah previously has written about a variety of topics. Mostly recently, she cowrote a post with me about the new webcam capabilities in MATLAB. Today, Sarah will be discussing datastore, one of the new big data capabilities introduced in MATLAB R2014b.... read more >>