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A Case for Divergence between MATLAB and C 14

There are some functions in MATLAB that we designed to be similar to their counterparts in other languages. There are also some functions that we deliberately designed... read more >>

Fourier Transforms!

Fourier Transforms! I wanted to point out to all of you interested in Fourier transforms that Steve is in the midst of posting a collection of wisdom on this topic. Discussions talk about... read more >>

Carving a Dinosaur 36

Today I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, Ben, who is consultant over in The MathWorks UK. Some of you may have come across his customer projects and demos on image... read more >>

How to Check for Existence of Solution to Matrix Equations 6

There was a great question on the newsgroup this past week asking how to determine if a system of equations had a solution. The poster wasn't (at least yet) concerned with... read more >>

Comparing Single-threaded vs. Multithreaded Floating Point Calculations 13

There continue to be a flurry of queries suggesting that MATLAB has bugs when it comes to certain operations like addition with more than values. Sometimes what prompts this is... read more >>

Unique Values Without Rearrangement 4

In MATLAB, the simplest form of the function unique returns the unique values contained in a numeric vector, with the results sorted. This is often acceptable, but sometimes a... read more >>

Coordinating Zero Removals from Multiple Arrays 13

I've fielded some questions recently about how to coordinate multiple arrays changing simultaneously. One example is removing elements for two arrays in the case where either... read more >>

Empty Arrays with Flow of Control and Logical Operators 17

After reading last week's post on calculating with empty arrays, one of my colleagues mentioned some other behaviors with empty arrays that have tripped him up in the past.... read more >>

Calculus with Empty Arrays 24

MATLAB has had empty arrays since before I started using the program. When I started, the only size empty array was 0x0. When version 5 was released, empty arrays came along for the... read more >>

Dealing with Cells 37

A customer recently asked me this question at the MATLAB Virtual Conference. Contents ... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 46