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Displaying Numbers in MATLAB 7

The way MATLAB displays numbers sometimes confuses users. Occasionally someone posts a concern to the MATLAB newsgroup that the calculation just performed was done to only 4 digits but... read more >>

Finding Strings 24

Over the years, MATLAB has become a friendlier environment for working with character information. MATLAB has a rich set of text handling functions, ranging from the simple,... read more >>

Brief History of Nonnegative Least Squares in MATLAB 12

In my first year at MathWorks (1987!), a professor I know got in touch with me. He was trying to solve a least squares problem with nonnegativity constraints. Having been... read more >>

Let Me Count the Ways 9

In the course of many applications, we sometimes need to tally up counts for different purposes, e.g., investigating the distribution of some data or equalizing gray tones in... read more >>

Working with Arrays of Structures 30

Though I have covered this topic somewhat in the past, it seems like a good time to refresh the information. There are recent posts on the MATLAB newsgroup relating to this... read more >>

Some Ways to Create Function Handles 36

I recently was asked the best way to create function handles, given the names of functions. This came up because I recommended that we should generally remove instances of... read more >>

All about the Colon Operator 19

I have written several blog articles that cover some aspects of the : operator. Based on some recent posts to the MATLAB newsgroup, it seems worthwhile for me to compile the... read more >>

Bottom Line on Logical 14

I just posted a blog on logical operator behavior in MATLAB and I want to be clear about the bottom line. Use the newer MATLAB operators || and &&, in the context of expressions for if and... read more >>

A Logical Story 7

Let me set the stage for today's blog. Logical variables have been part of MATLAB from the early days. They are particularly useful in constructs involved flow-of-control,... read more >>

Cute Tricks in MATLAB Adapted from Other Languages 31

I recently saw Steve Baker's web site while searching for something. It contains some cute (Steve's word) programming tricks and I thought I would show how to do a couple of... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 53