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結果: 2015

Floating Bubbles 2

Jiro's pick this week is Bubblegum Plot by Job.A fun post for you guys this week. As soon as I saw this entry, which creates bubblegum-looking scatter plots, I wanted to make this floating... 続きを読む >>


Richard is an Application Engineer at MathWorks focused on the Embedded Coder product for code generation, primarily in the Aerospace industry. ... 続きを読む >>

Detect and Track Multiple Faces

Avi's pick of the week is Detect and Track Multiple Faces by Dima Lisin. One of the projects I was working on recently required the detection and tracking of multiple objects (pedestrians in my... 続きを読む >>

Dancing Megan 4

Jiro's pick this week is Megan Simulator (XKCD) by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon.Some of you may know Alfonso from Cody. He is currently ranked number one based on score, problems solved, and number of... 続きを読む >>

Writing a struct to text 11

Brett‘s Pick this week is struct2str, by Marco Cococcioni.ContentsStrings from structsstruct2strAnd a challenge!Comments?Strings from structsBack in May, Sean wrote about different File… 続きを読む >>

Geom 2d 3

Sean's pick this week is geom2d by David Legland. Working at MathWorks, I get to use MATLAB every day, learn a lot about it, and get to try everything.... 続きを読む >>