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Draw a bubble bath

Jiro‘s Pick this week is bubblebath by Adam Danz.Adam is no stranger to File Exchange and File Exchange Pick of the Week. He is even more active on MATLAB Answers. In fact, this entry by… read more >>

Racing bar charts

Jiro‘s Pick this week is barChartRace by Eiji Konaka.This an example of a nice outcome that spawned from a community discussion. It all started with this tweet. 縺薙≧縺��≧縺ョ繧呈焔霆ス縺ォ縺、縺上l繧… read more >>


Sean‘s pick this week is digcircs by Graham W Griffiths.
My pick this week is a really cool visualization of the numbers in a sequence. digCircs draws colored parabolic lines between… read more >>