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Floating Bubbles 2

Jiro's pick this week is Bubblegum Plot by Job.A fun post for you guys this week. As soon as I saw this entry, which creates bubblegum-looking scatter plots, I wanted to make this floating... read more >>


Richard is an Application Engineer at MathWorks focused on the Embedded Coder product for code generation, primarily in the Aerospace industry. ... read more >>

Comparing multiple histograms 1

Jiro's pick this week is "Comparing Multiple Histograms" by Jonathan C. Lansey.One of the things you may want to do when analyzing two sets of data is comparing their distributions. There are... read more >>

Detect and Track Multiple Faces

Avi's pick of the week is Detect and Track Multiple Faces by Dima Lisin. One of the projects I was working on recently required the detection and tracking of multiple objects (pedestrians in my... read more >>

Passive Mode FTP 4

Sean's pick this week is Passive Mode FTP in MATLAB by Idin Motedayen. My pick this week comes from former guest blogger, Idin Motedayen-Aval. I spend a lot of... read more >>

Dancing Megan 4

Jiro's pick this week is Megan Simulator (XKCD) by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon.Some of you may know Alfonso from Cody. He is currently ranked number one based on score, problems solved, and number of... read more >>

Writing a struct to text 11

Brett‘s Pick this week is struct2str, by Marco Cococcioni.ContentsStrings from structsstruct2strAnd a challenge!Comments?Strings from structsBack in May, Sean wrote about different File… read more >>

Geom 2d 3

Sean's pick this week is geom2d by David Legland. Working at MathWorks, I get to use MATLAB every day, learn a lot about it, and get to try everything.... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 50