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Advanced MATLAB: ButtonDownFcn 25

This is the next in a series of advanced topics in MATLAB. My definition of “Advanced” is somewhat nebulous and arbitrary, so even newer users can give this a watch.
Two and a half…

MATLAB Basics: Functions and subfunctions 5

This six and a half minute video shows a function being created in MATLAB, then it shows a subfunction being added. Functions are a way of adding to the MATLAB language. This video shows the… read more >>

Quality MATLAB Tutorial Blog 2

In the last six months, this blog has taken a sharp turn towards being a video tutorial blog. There are other blogs that have been doing this for a while too. I recently got word about a great… read more >>

Practical Example: Visualizing the density of a data cloud 1

I was working with a MATLAB user that had a large number of data points in the form of x,y,z triples. He was mostly interested in the density of these data points over the range of the data. At… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Parsing code for better understanding 1

This six minute video shows you how to use the debugger and other tools to step through complicated code and understand what is really going on. By taking a complicated expression and breaking it… read more >>

Practical example: Setting transparency on a patch 2

First, be sure to check out the new home of LazyWeb. We had three of the challenges closed, but there are three still open. We are sending out MATLAB prize packages to all that solved a challenge,… read more >>

Practical example: Algorithm development for making colormaps 8

In a recent post, I mentioned LazyWeb It worked better than I expected. Matt posted some code that I requested that will highlight a line when you click on it. This works exactly as hoped. Thanks… read more >>

LazyWeb on the File Exchange 14

In a recent post, I showed how Roger did a mash-up of two prior Picks. In the video, I actually made a request that someone make some further modifications to the code. This concept of asking other… read more >>

New MATLAB contest tomorrow

I love the MATLAB contest, one of the great things about working at The MathWorks is I get to ‘play test’ the contest before it goes live. One of the bad things about working at The… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Surface plot of nonuniform data 23

Two minute video shows how to fit a surface to nonuniform data.
Real data is not always on a nice X,Y grid, but the MATLAB commands
SURF and MESH expect them to be. GRIDDATA and MESHGRID help to fix… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 65