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Results for: 2006

Mindstorm Robots 5

Posted by Doug Hull,

How many of us are buying Lego MindStorms kits “for the kids to play with” this Christmas? If so, bring home your laptop for the holidays, fire-up Simulink (and a lot of code gen products) and control your Lego creations with this blockset. Your kids will be delighted,… read more >>

Cleaner code in MATLAB part one of series 12

Posted by Doug Hull,

I am guilty of making some pretty horrible code from time to time, especially when I think no one else is looking. I wanted to take the next few videos to show how you can go from code that is hard to read and maintain to code you proudly… read more >>

Automatically generated reports from MATLAB 16

Posted by Doug Hull,

This week’s video is covering a relatively new feature of the editor: cell mode. Specifically, I am demonstrating the publication of reports from your code.
If you ever need to create documents that have many MATLAB figures and code and would like to be able to update those documents… read more >>

Doug’s MATLAB t-shirt challenge 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

The new MATLAB programming contest is up as of this morning. I am issuing a challenge to all of you:
If you write a better contest entry than me by the end of the twilight phase (Friday at Noon), I will send you a MATLAB t-shirt. However, if my entry is… read more >>

Linked zoom and constrained zoom in MATLAB 13

Posted by Doug Hull,

Have you ever wanted to zoom in on one axes and have another axes zoom in at the same time? Have you ever wanted to zoom in only on the x-axis but not the y-axis? If so, please watch this minute and a half video to see how.
if…

Speed your code with Distributed Computing

Posted by Doug Hull,

I am frequently asked how to speed up code that was written in MATLAB. We have already covered using the profiler in a video a few weeks ago, so now we turn to throwing more computer power at the problem by using Distributed Computing Toolbox. This video shows… read more >>

Step response information 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

My colleague Tom is much more of a controls kind of guy than I am, so he found this week’s pick before I did. He was much impressed with this code from long time MATLAB user, Duane. I gave this function a try, you can see it all in the… read more >>

Profiler to find code bottlenecks 30

Posted by Doug Hull,

Take a look at this video to see how to use the profiler to find the slow parts of your code. The movie resolution is a bit of a challenge, so please let me know if this video is useful, and what others you would like to see. if (typeof(playerLoaded)… read more >>