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Results for: 2015

Cartoonize an image using bilateral filtering

Posted by Avi Nehemiah,

Avi's pick of the week is Bilateral Filtering by Douglas Lanman. Bilateral filtering is an edge-preserving smoothing filter that can be used for a wide variety of image processing tasks such as de-noising and tone mapping, another fun application of a bilateral filter is to "cartoonize" an image. In his submission... read more >>

Scatter Bars

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean's pick this week is scatterbar3 by Manu Raghavan.


Drawing Bars
Drawing The Boston Skyline

Drawing Bars
If you've ever wanted to draw a bar plot in MATLAB, you've probably come across: bar, barh, bar3, bar3h, and maybe in newer releases histogram... read more >>

Polynomial fit passing through specified points 3

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is polyfix by Are Mjaavatten.Have you ever wanted to fit a polynomial to your data and have the line go through some specified points? What about specifying the slope at a certain point? Let's take a look at some options, including Are's entry.ContentsPolynomial fittingConstrain to go... read more >>

A nice, easy video tutorial

Posted by Brett Shoelson,

ContentsTime-Based Frame Readsimshow and cdata instead of imageSo...And finally:Comments?Brett's Pick this week is Video Processing Tutorial, by prolific File Exchange author Image Analyst.For various reasons, I've been spending a lot of time working with videos in MATLAB lately--whether helping a customer work through some challenges, or developing new tools for... read more >>

NFL Colors

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean's pick this week is nflcolor by Alan Bindemann. Let's take this plain old boring football and turn it into one with some team colors:football = imread('football.jpg'); imshow(football); Segment the football... read more >>

GISMO Toolbox – Seismic Data Analysis in MATLAB

Posted by Loren Shure,

Today's guest pick of the week from Loren is GISMO. GISMO is one of the success stories for community developed tools. Currently spearheaded by Glenn Thompson and Celso Reyes, with previous involvement from Mike West, it is a toolbox widely... read more >>

Snake Algorithm

Posted by Will Campbell,

Will's pick this week is Snake Algorithm by Iman. How often do you find a File Exchange contribution with a YouTube video? A video can be a wonderfully effective way to explain a concept. In less than 3 minutes, it enabled Iman to teach me everything I needed to know about... read more >>

Does your origin go through zero?

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's post this week is a short one letting everyone know that one of the many new features of R2015b, which came out a couple of months ago, is the ability to make the X and Y axes go through the origin. For many years, people have provided custom functions... read more >>