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Results for: 2005

Merry Christmas

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

A beautiful submission from Marc Lätzel to end the year:
MERRY…

Laser Tracking

Posted by Doug Hull,

Last week we found that a good way to get Pick of the Week was to post something I needed on Wednesday when I normally look for picks. This week the way to get picked is to write an elegant solution… read more >>

Unique Filenames and a Repick

Posted by Doug Hull,

I like FREENAME as a way to generate a unique file name to add to a series of files in a directory. I have reinvented this wheel several times in the past and then lost it because of my incredible… read more >>

Dealing with Ginormous Data

Posted by Doug Hull,

Dealing with large data set is like juggling. How? Well, when you juggle three things, people are amused but pretty quickly they want you do do four, then five. It is the same with the size of your... read more >>

Default Docked Figures

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I just wanted to pass along a small tip that you might find useful. If you’ve become as big of a fan of docked figures as I have, you might be looking for a way to have figures docked by… read more >>

Get In Units

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

How many times have you written code that looks like this, just to find the position of a graphics object in something other than its current units?
hAxes = axes;
currentUnits =…

Too much time to kill?

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Have you ever sat around asking yourself if it would be possible to draw flags of the world's nations just using the patch command? And then realized that this means you could easily embed flags in... read more >>

Digitize Scanned Data

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

In my old job, I occasionally needed to analyze data that I only had access to in printouts. I hoped that somebody had developed an equivalent to OCR (Optical Character Recgonition) for data, but… read more >>

Beat Counter

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I've spent a surprising amount of time calculating the BPM (Beats per Minute, or tempo) of songs. I would always use a stopwatch, timing 32 beats to calculate the BPM. Joerg Bitzer has made this a... read more >>

Figures Stay on Top

Posted by Doug Hull,

Figure windows are the eyes that you look at your data with. However, if you are iterating on a graph, every time you type a command, MATLAB’s desktop comes to the top and your figured gets… read more >>