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MATLAB User Survey

The MathWorks is running a broad MATLAB user survey, asking general questions about product usage and workflows. I hope some of my blog readers will consider taking a few minutes to respond... read more >>

R2008b 8

The MathWorks updates its product line twice per year on a regular schedule. Early last month we shipped our second release of the year, R2008b. My fellow bloggers have already been... read more >>

Scientific computing survey

Are you a scientist user of MATLAB? My friend Greg Wilson of the University of Toronto just sent me notice of a survey you might be interested in: Computers are as important to modern... read more >>

Dilation algorithms – performance of decomposed strels

We looked at the decomposition of different structuring element shapes in my previous post on dilation algorithms. Today let's time some code to how decomposition makes a real difference in... read more >>

Getting updates on reported bugs

Did you know that MathWorks publishes information about product bugs on its web site? And that you can be automatically notified with updates regarding specific bugs, or regarding specific... read more >>

Dilation algorithms—decomposing more shapes 2

In my previous post on dilation algorithms I discussed structuring element decomposition. We looked at the decomposition of structuring elements with rectangular domains. Today I want to... read more >>

Recent changes in MATLAB Central blogs 2

Do you read any of the other MATLAB Central blogs? There's a lot of good information on them. For several years, the "Pick of the Week" blog has regularly highlighted the best contributions... read more >>

Dilation algorithms—structuring element decomposition 6

This is the second post in my series on algorithm concepts behind the implementation of dilation and erosion in the Image Processing Toolbox. Today I want to talk about structuring... read more >>

Independent computation in software tests 2

Today's post is brought to you directly from the software developer half of my brain. MATLAB 6 was the first version to use the FFTW library for fast Fourier transform computations, and I... read more >>

Escher, images, and chess 4

My blog has a rule, which I just now made up, that my second post during the month of September has to be totally off topic. So you've been warned! OK, you're still reading, so I... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 55