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Out-of-gamut colors 4

The set of colors that can be represented using a particular color space is called the gamut. Some L*a*b* color values may be out of gamut when converted to RGB. You know that a converted RGB color... read more >>

Typecast got faster in R2014b 2

Some years ago we added the function typecast to MATLAB. I've been wanting to write about this useful little function ever since we significantly speeded it up in the R2014b release.The function... read more >>

Get the MATLAB code 2

Last week someone asked me how many people use the “Get the MATLAB code” link on my blog. Do you know what that is? Try it now. Go to my recent post, “Displaying a color gamut... read more >>

ICIP 2015 4

I'm starting to get ready for ICIP in September. I'll be giving a talk about MATLAB on Monday, September 28. Go to the Tutorials and Workshops page and click on "MATLAB Today" for details. I... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 29