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An Example of Function Argument Validation for an Image Utility Function 5

While I was working on a prototype yesterday, I found myself writing a small bit of code that turned out to be so useful, I wondered why I had never done it before. I'd like to show it to you.... read more >>

Quantitative Video Analysis: Measuring a Container Filling with Liquid

Today's post is by guest blogger Isaac Bruss. Isaac has been a course developer for MathWorks since 2019. His PhD is in computational physics from UMass Amherst. Isaac has helped launch and support... read more >>

Revised Circularity Measurement in regionprops (R2023a) 2

For some shapes, especially ones with a small number of pixels, a commonly-used method for computing circularity often results in a value which is biased high, and which can be greater than 1. In... read more >>

Identifying Border-Touching Objects Using imclearborder or regionprops 2

I have seen some requests and questions related to identifying objects in a binary image that are touching the image border. Sometimes the question relates to the use of imclearborder, and... read more >>

Object Sort Order for bwlabel, bwconncomp, and regionprops

Someone recently asked me about the order of objects found by the functions bwlabel, bwconncomp, and regionprops. In this binary image, for example, what accounts for the object order?The functions... read more >>

Fast Local Sums, Integral Images, and Integral Box Filtering 7

In May 2006, I wrote about a technique for computing fast local sums of an image. Today, I want to update that post with additional information about integral image and integral box filtering... read more >>