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All about pixel colors: Reference information 7

Posted by Steve Eddins,

In this posting I want to summarize all of the factors that control image pixel colors in MATLAB. This information is in the MATLAB documentation, but it is scattered around in several locations. If this is way too much detail... read more >>

Tracing George 104

Posted by Steve Eddins,

Last time, in my spatial transformations series, I introduced the head-and-shoulders outline that I like to call George (George P. Burdell). Today I want to diverge briefly from my main topic and show how I recently "recovered" George. ... read more >>

All about pixel colors: Window-level and CLim 10

Posted by Steve Eddins,

In a comp.soft-sys.matlab newsgroup post on January 17, Kevin wanted to know how the brightness/contrast control in imtool worked. Image Processing Toolbox function imtool is an image viewing/navigation GUI. ... read more >>

All about pixel colors: Scaled indexed images 52

Posted by Steve Eddins,

In my last post on pixel colors, I described the truecolor and indexed image display models in MATLAB, and I promised to discuss an important variation on the indexed image model. That variation is the scaled indexed image, and the relevant MATLAB image display function... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Terminology and notation 8

Posted by Steve Eddins,

"Terminology and notation" - is there a more boring way to start a topic? Unfortunately it's necessary, because there is a lot of variation in terms and equations from book to book and paper to paper. Some of the "frequently-asked questions" arise from simple confusion over notations and conventions. Even... read more >>

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