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Computing distance using image file information

Patrick asked for an example on how to compute distances between objects based on resolution information stored in a file. The TIFF format
is one that can store resolution information, and the imfinfo function can tell you about it.

Let's look at a simple example:

url = '';
bw = imread(url);


Here's the output of imfinfo:

info = imfinfo(url)
info = 

                     Filename: 'C:\TEMP\tp281629'
                  FileModDate: '06-Mar-2007 09:28:16'
                     FileSize: 2176
                       Format: 'tif'
                FormatVersion: []
                        Width: 308
                       Height: 242
                     BitDepth: 1
                    ColorType: 'grayscale'
              FormatSignature: [73 73 42 0]
                    ByteOrder: 'little-endian'
               NewSubFileType: 0
                BitsPerSample: 1
                  Compression: 'CCITT 1D'
    PhotometricInterpretation: 'WhiteIsZero'
                 StripOffsets: [10x1 double]
              SamplesPerPixel: 1
                 RowsPerStrip: 26
              StripByteCounts: [10x1 double]
                  XResolution: 100
                  YResolution: 100
               ResolutionUnit: 'Inch'
                     Colormap: []
          PlanarConfiguration: 'Chunky'
                    TileWidth: []
                   TileLength: []
                  TileOffsets: []
               TileByteCounts: []
                  Orientation: 1
                    FillOrder: 1
             GrayResponseUnit: 0.0100
               MaxSampleValue: 1
               MinSampleValue: 0
                 Thresholding: 1

Notice the XResolution and YResolution fields, as well as the ResolutionUnit field. According to the TIFF specification, the XResolution and YResolution fields are the number of pixels per resolution unit.

ans =


ans =


ans =


Now let's use bwlabel and regionprops to compute the centroids of the objects.

L = bwlabel(bw);
s = regionprops(L, 'Centroid')
s = 

4x1 struct array with fields:

Compute the distance (in pixel units) between the first two objects.

delta_x = s(1).Centroid(1) - s(2).Centroid(1);
delta_y = s(1).Centroid(2) - s(2).Centroid(2);
pixel_distance = hypot(delta_x, delta_y)
pixel_distance =


Finally, use the resolution information from the file to convert to physical distance. (Note: this calculation assumes that
the horizontal and vertical resolutions are the same.)

physical_distance = pixel_distance / info.XResolution
physical_distance =


Published with MATLAB® 7.4

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