Steve on Image Processing with MATLAB

Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB

All about pixel colors 9

Note See the following posts for new or updated information about this topic: MATLAB image display - from data values to pixel colors MATLAB image display - truecolor and indexed... 更多内容 >>

Comment policies 2

I intend to have as few rules as possible about comments on this blog. I may add new rules as the need arises. I will delete or not answer comments that consist largely of questions about... 更多内容 >>

DIMES on Mars

Steve Squyres' book, Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet, is a really fun read. Highly recommended. I was particularly interested in DIMES, the Descent... 更多内容 >>

More about meshgrid 3

Reader Philip Batchelor thought I could do better in describing meshgrid. I had commented that "meshgrid is kind of hard to describe in words." Well, maybe I was being a bit lazy there, as... 更多内容 >>

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